Zombiology: Eat Yourself Tonight (2017)

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Interview – Director Nick Hunt (Safe Place (2018)

So I normally don’t double-post here, but this is too big not to keep it for tomorrow. I was able to talk to director Nick Hunt of the upcoming film Safe Place (2018) for a pre-production interview to discuss the new film.

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Review and Interview – American Mummy (2017) write-up and Charles Pinion interview

Originally scheduled to premiere on the Death by Podcast site but not published yet, I figured I’d do it here on this site. So, with that, I’ll promote everything I did for the film American Mummy‘s release with a copy of the review below as well as a link to the interview I conducted with director Charles Pinion at the bottom of the article.

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Exclusive Interview – Sam Hodge, Director of Twelve Pole (2018)


In honor of its upcoming release, I conducted the following interview with the director of the film Twelve Pole (2018), Sam Hodge. Please read it below.

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