Review: My Little Miracle (2017) by George James Fraser

Time for a new update here, and this time we’re presenting a review of the new short film My Little Miracle by George James Fraser.

Part of a fascinating new crop of filmmakers, Massachusetts-based George James Fraser brings an exciting voice into the genre as the multi-talented filmmaker has already yielded scores of credits in the local indie scene. Turning to directing, his second short ‘My Little Miracle’ was originally released on digital platforms February 14, 2017.

A young child is getting ready for slumber while her mother finishes up a bedtime story. The child then asks, “Where did I come from, Mommy?”. The story to be told and the story to be seen don’t seem to add up.

Overall, this isn’t too bad of a short. The premise is certainly worthwhile and sets up a rather intriguing story that plays out with the mother wandering around the town following the other woman while narrating a peaceful children’s story. The torture scenes themselves aren’t so bad and the way they play out in the darkened red light is pretty chilling even with the cliched setups and a predictable outcome based on the setup. Still, this is quite the fun little entry and presents a nice, darker version of the classic children’s tale.

See the film on the festival circuit, while the trailer is shown here:


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